New Violin Donated to Nashville Notes Music Program During Grammy Party

The Nashville Notes Homeschool Band was presented with a brand new violin, Sunday night, at the Hollywood Meets Nashville Grammy Viewing Party and Benefit Gala.   The Nashville Notes Homeschool Band was founded in 1995 to provide music instruction for students schooled at home in the Greater Nashville area.  “We’re very thankful for this donation,” says program director, Sholeen Wuest. “We have 170 kids in the program, and very few instruments for those who can’t afford to purchase their own.  This instrument will be put to good use.”

Sholeen Wuest and Donna Caldwell

Sholeen Wuest and Donna Caldwell

The Grammy Viewing Party was a fundraiser for two organizations, Save the Music America and the Global Music Project.  Save The Music America is a social and educational organization that educates the public about the impact of illegal downloading, creating public support for preserving the rights of people within the creative industries and the history of American Music.  The Global Music Project uses music to help the socially conscious make a difference. Their current mission is to provide musical instruments to school children, locally and abroad.   They partnered with Mozart Violins in Irvine, California, to furnish the violin that was presented to Nashville Notes. 

Jason Chan

Jason Chan

We want to thank Jason Chan at Mozart Violins for making this moment possible!

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